Thursday, October 21, 2010

new lampshades AVAILABLE

Finally. These hand crafted lampshades are now available in my online shop. They feature a layering technique that combines screen printing, hand painting, applique and some hand embroidery. The 100% linen base cloth provides a beautifully textured surface that appears when the light is switched on.

Also taking orders on the little red lampshade below.

'ferns' lampshade 

This shade had been hand painted on to 100% linen a with deep red fabric ink (eco-friendly of course) to create a lovely uneven texture. An original pen drawing of ferns has been over printed onto the red and rows of machine stitched lines add subtle contrast. Finally, a single, appliqued lino print bird rises from the ferns.

This is a small, slim oval lamshade that is 22 cm tall, 25 x 19 cm (oval diameters) at the top and 30 x 11 cm (oval diameters) at the bottom.  The lamp base is NOT INCLUDED but I do have a few of these for sale that I've had locally made from European beech. Please email me for further enquires.

Will be printing more of the red lamp shade this weekend - orders placed before Monday 25th October should be ready in 3/4 weeks.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Isabel Marques said...

wow!! you have amazing work! I'm so inspired. I'm adding you to my reader! Congrats