Sunday, October 17, 2010

doing it on paper

Clara surveying everyone's work at the end of the day

Saturday evening, sitting in the domestic airport lounge feeling miserable with flu and dreading the flight ahead.

Sunday morning, all drugged up, doing a workshop in Melbourne. Cutting stencils, printing up wallpaper [!].
Sunday evening, home again with my roll of bespoke wallpaper under my arm. Wrecked and bemused by that surreal blip of flu-hazed activity.

Very inspiring workshop run by the UK-based Australian textile designer Clara Vuletich - her hand printed, layered, non-aligned wallpapers are just beautiful. I know the word is spreading about Harvest Textiles who ran this particular workshop and I join the many who praise the talents and professionalism of the serene Emma.

Really hope I didn't infect anyone with my germs. Would have been very sorry to miss this event.


Kylie said...

Wow! This is just fantastic Carmel - what a wonderful experience. I do, however, admit to intense envy that it isn't happening in Brisbane too ;) Can't wait to see more of your wallpaper creations. Kx

mizu designs said...

I am so glad you went! Those Harvest girls rock! I couldn't go along as I'm in Kyoto (I'm not complaining really!) but am happily admiring the pics on your blogs and Harvest's.

Dudley Redhead said...

oh!!! i would have LOVED to have gone... BUT did love ur work as seen in Made by others, thanks for the tip..

Thea said...

It was lovely meeting you Carmel. I may have picked up some of your germs though and spent a couple of days in bed with a head cold... I guess I needed the rest though :)

Thea said...

It wasn't too bad - I wasn't as sick as you. The headache was the worse - thankfully passed yesterday. take care!