Thursday, October 14, 2010

you win some you lose some

talking to my only neighbour up the back in the corner [photo by jane barwick]

Let's be honest here, this was not my finest hour at a market.
STILL, big hugs go out to Bower Bird. Like a good friend who's done you wrong I've already forgiven and forgotten. No point in trying to analyse what went wrong. At least two of my new products walked out the door. The cat with attitude cushion above on the left and my little red lamp, better viewed below and more coming soon.
100% linen has been painted by hand to achieve the uneven red texture when light is turned on
features original pen drawing that is hand screen printed, appliqued lino print bird and machine stitched lines.

I would love to do this market just ONCE without getting physically sick. I'm talking BB Belly, hits me every time. Potent combination of stress, excitement, fear and a sensitive gut.

Really enjoyed my three day anthropological research into the mind and lingo of the young, creative hetro male in touch with his feminine side, courtesy of my only neighbour Mattt. Sorry for all the questions Matt but you know I've got a PHD thesis to write. Thanks though for helping me snare that final super sale of the day while I was having a fainting spell (yes, very 19th century of me). Your heroic gesture was well and truly beyond the call of duty. Just don't hound me for a commission, orright?

Two more markets to go - just keep telling myself it will all be okay.


Kylie said...

LOVE the cat with attitude :) Not surprised it went. Hope you can master your fears and that the markets become easier and easier. Kx

inaluxe said...

Hi Carmel, I've never done a market - too much of a nervous wreck for such things - or at least I think I would be. You're brave! and your items look awesome. I WISH I could see more of the red lampshade, or similar. I LOVE it so much. Do you have any more lampshades that are smiliar? Not necessarily red. big hugs, xoxo Kristina

feedthedog said...

Hi Kristina, just added a couple of clearer photos for you and will soon be listing these in shop when I make more for the next market in early november. Only doing them in red. Love the red.

I'm convinced that the more I do markets the more I'm perforating internal organs with my ridiculous levels of stress. Need to go off to an ashram and mediate for a year I think.

inaluxe said...

Hi Carmel, I hear ya, re: a year of rest! Just about ready for a loooong break. Finding time to do art is so hard - ironic! I'll keep my eyes peeled to your shop! the pics look amazing... big hugs, and love, K xo