Saturday, June 19, 2010

out and about

After the enormous effort and subsequent fun/ success of putting it out there in Adelaide at the Bower Bird Bazaar I came back to Sydney exhausted, telling all and sundry I wasn't doing any more markets until the end of the year. Too many new things to design, play with, perfect. Yada yada.


Let's just say I can be easily persuaded. Sometimes.

New one-off fabric panels will be making their debut at Finders Keepers in Brisbane at the end of the week.

The good news for me is that I don't have to stand on the other side of a table trying to sell these little guys. That job will be in the hands of the gorgeous Kim from Udessi who will be representing many of the artists in her online gallery. So Brisbanites, you get first pickings of new feedthedog.

All leftovers and other new and wondrous stuff will then come with me to the heart of Melbourne where I will have to stand behind a table in the beautiful Atrium at Federation Square. BECAUSE, just when you thought we couldn't possibly cope with any more new designer markets, hey presto, new designer market, called MarkIt.

What can I say? Personally, I think winter is the only time to visit Melbourne and July is full of great design events that are part of the State of Design.

But I'm feeling a little sick at how much work I have to do before the 11th July. Guess I'd better stop whinging and get on with it. Where are those elves when you need them?


mizu designs said...

I'll come visit you at Markit :)

feedthedog said...

look forward to it kylie!

gretchenmist said...

yay for Kim doing the brisbane market! it's so great ~ am quite scared of the market concept {doing one that is}. thanks for the info re melbourne one ~ will pop in :)

Kylie said...

Yeah for us! Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful new pieces :) Kx

feedthedog said...

thanks for comments belinda and kylie no 2. :)

i think the 2nd Bris FK is going to be sensational.
markIT on the other hand is more of an unknown, feeling a bit nervous about that one, given that it's on the same day and same location (kind of) as the enormously popular Design Market in fed square car park. Just hope we don't end up looking like a sad little bunch in a beautiful location.

Dudley Redhead said...

Hey just popped over to Udessi - love ya "world really is round" work. Gorgeous indeed. I'm sure Brissy will love you too!

inaluxe said...

Carmel! that's so cool about Udessi, and it's so cool you love the markets - I'm way too dysfunctional for them.... I'd have a heart attack just thinking about having to do one. weird. what can I say?! I love your new panels - they are ace! and if I WERE still in Melbs, I'd definately come and say hi. :) xoxoxo but I'm not, so I'll just send you a giant big hug instead! Yeeeeeeeah! K

feedthedog said...

thanks tara and kristina for such enthusiastic comments!

And K. .. where did you get the idea that I love markets??!! I'm just a gal who can't say NO. I'm an idiot really. The more I do markets the less I want to do them. It's just that this one ... well, I love Melbourne in winter and a good mate talked me into applying and we were going to do a road trip down from Syd and that sounded like fun and then, well, sadly, she didn't get accepted. I am seriously mental doing this market, there's no way I'll make money from it and I only hope it won't cost me money. Heart attack? Every time. Shy, glass half-empty, perfectionist control freaks like moi should never do markets.

but hey.. what doesn't kill you etc.

that big hug is very much appreciated.
and back at you.

Cathy said...

Your designs are always wonderful. How can members of the Australian public resist? I think crafts in the English market scene are finding things quite hard going at the moment due to the economy. People are clinging to their pennies for the time being.