Sunday, July 18, 2010

fast, furious, frazzled & fatigued

photo by Sass from ASK ALICE
Freaky thing happened to me last week. Think I was sucked into a parallel universe. It looked a lot like the Atrium at Fed Square in Melbourne. Some kind of design, markety, event thingey. Mad, crazy, full of rugged-up people looking, touching, spending, talking, attempting to communicate with this seemingly sedated creature who looked and felt like death on a stick. Apologies to one and all, that wasn't really me, they weren't really my words. Some thing had inhabited my body, possessed my soul.

Yes, I guess you could say I take on a fair amount of stress every time I do a market. Months of manic preparation, fear of not having enough product, fear of having unfinished and inferior products on display to be laughed at, sleepless nights, yada yada. But did I really have to spend the day before sewing up puppies for hours at The Thread Den and tearing around the streets of north melbourne looking for lengths of wood before the sun went down? Then attempting to stuff puppies well into the night? Did I really need to? I think not.  

photo by Sass from ASK ALICE
Brought my camera to take some happy snaps. Do you think I could find it? At the end of the day when I was packing up - yes -  small black camera, slung over my black chair, under my black coat. Then again, not sure I would have had the time or energy to hold up a camera. So big thanks to Sass, who I don't know and have never met, but she kindly lent me her photos and I have bought some of her gorgeous stationery before so there's karma for you.
gift tag by ASK ALICE

And must also throw out a big BIG thankyou to the adorable Kylie from MizuDesigns who showed up as I was busting to go to the loo, looking so fresh and calm and casually stylish in that oh so melbourne way and held the fort while I stomped off, zombie-like, contemplating not returning at all, just falling into the foetal position in one of the cubicles.

photo by State of Green
[ps. this is not Kylie]
What more can I say? Standing there was a hellish eternity but it was over in the blink of an eye. One tres surreal experience that's for sure. And sales-wise, worth it by far. Just a shame I wasn't in my body on the day.

One of these days I will turn up at my own market stall looking and sounding human, alive, engaged and HAPPY.
I will.


inaluxe said...

Oh my goodness Carmel! What an amazing experience? I know you said it was worth it in sales, but I am so freaked out about doing a market, I probably would have just had a heart attack on the morning! and missed it all. How cool you got to see Kylie, and how cool that you made heaps of sales - sooooo thrilled, and happy to read about it all (especially as you are all tucked away at home, nice and quiet, and with time to enjoy, relax!) HUGZZZZZ! Kristina.

Dick & Dora said...

I love the story of the manic sewing on the rent by the hour sewing machine!! Sounds like something I would do. Really good to catch up at DMT, hopefully see you somewhere on the curcuit soon.

mizu designs said...

He he he he!

This story made me smile. And I was only really there for a nano second. So glad it was worth the trip down.