Monday, April 26, 2010

L is for

Okay, time to start selling some lampshades. I've opened a new shop in Big Cartel where you can knock yourselves out throwing those strong Aussie dollars at me. For the time being I can only offer these shades within Australia. And here's the deal, the FIRST FIVE pendant rose lampshades - you can choose between 3 different colourways - will come with a FREE 3m flex (normally $20), black or white, you just need to let me know which you prefer.

The skyline lampshade (base not included) features some familiar screen prints appliqued onto gorgeously textured indian linen.

Sadly, I've sold out of the treescape shade - which included a line of hand stitching that I found very pleasing .. but I'm contemplating doing more.

I will be making more of these linen lampshades, the same but different. I'm not genetically programmed to keep making the same thing over and over. And there are other shade designs and colours and fabrics in the planning stages.

I only have 5 of the skyline lampshades left so if you're even half interested please have a look in the shop where you can see more photos. These shades have a split personality - they look quite different when ON or OFF.


Cathy said...

Those shades look lovely and textural with your distinctive artwork on them. How could anyone

inaluxe said...

Your lampshades are awesome Carmel! I love them sooooo! must email you soon about a lampshade actually - just been so darn busy with the move. love and hugses xoxoxo Kristina.

feedthedog said...

thanks K and C
your comments are always appreciated

Aris said...

L is for lovely!!!!

Art4Sol said...

Very cool them!!

The Art Cupboard said...

fantastic lampshades dear! so captivating, I have never thought of making a lamp shade before, mine are dying, i should try it out
thanks for the lovely inspiration :)