Saturday, April 24, 2010

if it fits

dress by Thea and Sami
Mooching around BrisV a couple of days ago, along those winding terraces up on the hills of Paddington, attempting to catch the breeze and poke around shops. Spotted this dress on a rack on the footpath. Fell in love. Tried it on. Fitted perfectly. Organic linen. Reduced by more than a third of it's orignal heart-stopping price. Fell more in love. And I even have somewhere to swan around in it this week.

Love the bus transport system in Bristown .. hello sydney! that's how you do it.

Is it worrying or hilarious that I saw so many people walking around in woollen jumpers, boots, black stockings on a humid, 27 degree, sunny day?


Kylie said...

That's so funny! I know exactly what you mean. I arrived in Sydney on Tuesday (sunny day etc) and thought I was going to freeze to death! We're made for hot stuff up here I think ;) Great dress - have fun wearing it. Kx

mizu designs said...

I've just flown back from BrisV today. Perhaps we crossed paths without knowing? Super sticky humid hot there for my 3 days so yes don't know how the locals could cope with winter clothes just yet.

Love that dress btw.

feedthedog said...

Hah. Bet we did cross paths kylie.
The dress is a stunner. it's really long and I plan to wear it over wide pants.

gretchenmist said...

this made me laugh!
i've finally gotten the bris/north coast weather out of my system after 20 years in melbourne!
glad to hear you bought yourself this beautiful dress :)