Sunday, October 5, 2008

how did i get this lucky?

went to the markets on saturday, as usual.
came home to find my flat burgled. not usual.
they took my computer, camera, and cash i had in money jars for my nephews.

did i have backup for my hard drive? nope.
but you know what, they would have taken that external hard drive that i've been meaning to buy for months now, so what's the point?

i don't know how or when i'm going to get another computer, haven't even paid for the one they stole, that was bought on credit.

i probably won't be posting for a while.
but i will be back.


Vanessa said...

What a horrible thing to happen, I hope things turn around for you soon.
All the best,

Amy said...

not cool, sorry :O(

mizu designs said...

Kama will get that horrible person ten fold for doing this to you. I'm soooo sorry to hear about the robbery! And I can so understand some of what it feels like having only had my own robbery a few months ago. Its sucks big time. Thinking of you.

Cathy said...

What a horrible shock for you. So much of what we do is bound up with computers these days, and it is very difficult to manage without one. I hope the computer fails to work for the thief and they come to regret their actions.

diana said...

That is just crap! I'm sending out horrible telepathic thoughts to those little crapsters...