Monday, December 8, 2008

the first, the last, the best

coming back down to planet earth.
did the most amazing market event last weekend.
the old hope st markets, renamed finders keepers, found itself in a stunning new location at carriageworks in eveleigh, syd.

first time for me at this market, and my last one for the year. [i've finally and happily deleted paddington market from my saturday TO DO list - just wasn't working anymore].

if you didn't make it to this event you missed something really special. [note for diary: next one in May].
if you did you'll no doubt be feeling pretty lucky.
friday was opening night. i felt like i'd been teleported to another planet. this restored 19th century industrial building is now an arts centre and on friday night it was party time. the bar was open, the live music was brilliant and the throngs of people seemed totally oblivious to the muggy heat and a looming recession.
as one of over 80 stalls from independent Sydney artists and designers i was gobsmacked.
truly not expecting this mad, full on swirl of colour and movement and sound.
and somewhat starving because i'd stupidly, accidently put my dinner into my washing basket at home (instead of the pegs). tore the place apart looking for it. couldn't find it, left home with no food. i'll just have to get something there, i thought.
yeah, right.
not a single moment in the evening did i have to skip away from my stall. well, not till the very end.
and can i even begin to describe the torture of all the glasses of wine, beer, champagne that came and perched themselves at my stall while I chatted, did business with their owners. dying for just a sip of beer, a slug of bubbly liquid.
not sure how i made it through the evening.
adrenalin i guess.
fortunately the next day was quieter, cooler but still lots of happy shiny people and a great vibe going well into the evening again.

i had an awful lot of stock. by 4 on day 2 i was getting close to selling out and wondering how i was going to make it through the remainder 6 hours. fortunately i had backup, hand stitched fabric cards and other small things to fill the holes.

what a buzz.
just the 'bestest' market i've ever done.
thankyou to all who dropped by.
i'm going to sleep for a couple of days.


Cathy said...

Definitely looks like the place to be - pity I was in the wrong Love your beautifully decorative cushions and nice for you to have done so well in selling everything.

mizu designs said...

Fantastic news! I wish I'd been there. That's the old railway yard and building in Redfern isn't it? Looks very flash now. Yay, you're back!!!

feedthedog said...

yes, i'm back.
the best thing about being without a computer is that i got so much work done.
very very liberating.
thanks cathy and mizu... yes, carriageworks is the old rail yards near redfern. a truly stunning renovation of the original building .. they've kept a lot of the original features from the old workshop areas.

diana said...

Wow, that place looks amazing. Might have to take a trek down in May. Congrats on all the sales. Glad to have you back. I know what you mean about the computer though. I'm sure I'd be much more productive if I took a hiatus from the computer.

Bron said...

I'm jealous... that's the thing about living in the country - you miss out on artists markets like this one!