Monday, September 29, 2008


don't know about you but when i get a good book i like to READ it.
look what these artists are doing to books!

this sublime piece by english artist su blackwell:

Hawaiin artist Jacqueline Rush Lee plays with the tactile and symbolic qualities of used books:

Mike Stilkey is based in Los Angeles:

Dark Roasted Blend is a site devoted to weird and wonderful things. Have a look at the Bitter Sweet Art of Cutting Up Books for more fantastical book sculptures and installations.


diana said...

I love, love the first pick. How amazing is that? I saw something cool on someone's blog where someone turned the yellow pages into a roll,secured with a metal clip, and used it as a business card holder, was very cool. Sorry can't remember the blog.

feedthedog said...

me too.
hope you looked at her website, it's full of these amazing book sculptures.

gigi said...

wow. these creations things are amazing, and i only feel a little bit sad for the dissected books, because they have been re fashioned into something so special!