Thursday, September 18, 2008


that was a smidge uncomfortable.
note to self - never write anything morose on your blog then leave it there, suspended in time, for a week or more.

thanks to all who sent kind words .. even long after i'd pulled myself together.
and those who told me to cheer up .. well, i guess i asked for that.

madly preparing for my usual gig at paddo market this saturday.
prediction of 31 degrees and windy.
heat and wind .. could there be anything worse when exposing yourself to the elements?
sunblock and sandbags.

there is a wonderful ceramic artist at paddo, often buy from her.
do you think i can remember her name?
will make amends on that front this saturday when i go back to her stall to buy more of her lovely new porcelain teacups.

these two i bought for a friend's birthday.
now my sister wants me to get her four.
the range of colours and intricate patterns is phenomenal.
i just love these. love the wonkiness of the forms.
and just divine to drink from.

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