Thursday, September 11, 2008

best not to look

i am so over myself.
beautiful weather.
good, exciting things happening.
but i'm walking through a fog.

attempting to pull myself out of this.
look at these beautiful artworks by Marise Maas.

i found her in a Belle magazine while sucking down a flat white, hiding out in a local cafe, avoiding all my responsibilities.
She "used to be a good realistic artist, but it gave her no pleasure".
Gave her no pleasure.
Gave her no pleasure.
Can't stop focusing on that phrase.

She was persuaded to "draw left-handed and not look at what was appearing on the page.."

yes, it's best not to look at what you're doing ....sometimes.

i love this artwork.
it fills me with hope, longing and a little sadness.

my next post is going to be very UP.
lots of new things.
just no desire to communicate with anybody right now.

so what's this i'm doing?
back soon.


Vanessa said...

I love Marise Maas, I saw an exhibition of hers at the Flinders lane gallery in Melbourne, just wonderful. I also love doing the opposite side hand drawing, very refreshing.
"Good, exciting things happening.
but I'm walking through a fog", I know exactly what you mean but it will pass (I hated it when people said that!!) but it's true.
Take care,

Cathy said...

Drawing with the opposite hand is an interesting concept. I often feel my work is too tight and precise so I think I may try that and try and loosen up a bit. I enjoy childrens' art for that reason - no precision there!

jodi said...

I've just stumbled across your lovely blog in my travels and it strikes me as somewhere lovely to visit. Just wanted to let you know your creations and your writing are inspiring. And don't let the fog get you down.