Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fabric printing

have just seen the most awe-inspiring blog posting about lino cut printing onto fabric.
suzanne at sukurasnow is based in amsterdam.

this is her FIRST go at it!
i hang my head in shame.
i've been lino cut printing onto fabric for years.
silly little things.
never the full pattern stuff.

such beauty, such control.
and a wonderful detailed visual documentation of her process.

have a look and weep.


mizu designs said...

You are so right! Suzanne's fabric printing is gorgeous! Thanks for the link. And about those cups you posted pretty pics of....if I don't get me some on my next trip to Sydney I think I will just die! They are divine. Please tell the ceramics artist that she is making a woman from Melbourne wish she lived closer to Sydney (well, some days).

feedthedog said...

those little teacups remind me so much of your lovely green teacup print i have. you will just die when you see her range.

Cathy said...

I had a look at Sakurasnow blog and was instantly hooked. She has some amazing artwork on there too. Love your pretty cups.