Saturday, August 30, 2008

ah.. the tag..

prepare to be disappointed, all of you, my millions of adoring readers (ie. all 3 of you).

lisa from thelittlebirdy has tagged me to list some of my unspectacular quirks.
well here's the thing.
i don't believe i have any quirks - unspectacular or otherwise.
and it's really been bothering me.
keeping me awake at night.
everyone else in the known universe seems to have quirks, why don't i?
too normal? too sane? too boring?
or just plain 'in denial'.

i've wracked my brains till it hurt.
i mean, where do you draw the line between a quirk and obsessive behaviour or irrational fears? everything i start to think might be a quirk i end up convincing myself is really only fleeting moments of madness. a quirk suggests consistent peculiar behaviour.

friends, family, foes - they don't have answers for me either.

so sadly, i have come to the conclusion that i am truly quirkless.
hang on, could that be my quirk .. that i am quirkless?
oww! my head hurts thinking about this.

i'm dobbing in 6 others though (rules, people) who i'm sure won't disappoint as spectacularly as i have.
6 people who i don't really know at all but from reading their blogs i reckon they're brimming with quirks and will provide the fabulously entertaining reading that you were all hoping might come from me.
at least i'm trying to make amends for my quirkless state of being.

the following 6 i have the utmost faith in:

hyena in petticoats
dudley redhead

no pressure guys but if you don't deliver, well .. at least it will make me look less weird ..


Hyena In Petticoats said...

I think one of my un-spectacular quirks would have to be that I'm terrible at responding to tags! eek!

I'll do my best - thanks for the mention! (though i'm sure you have a weird little quirk in there somewhere!)


Leah xxx

feedthedog said...
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Shannah said...

Oh the pressure! Thank you for my very first tag ever.

And you should know that your post was full of amusing albeit unnamed quirkiness:)

Dudley Redhead said...

Thanks for the mention.. I have to confess 'quirky' is one of my favourite words!
What about your dress sense? do people comment on that? the combinations you put together?.. just a thought!

Cathy said...

If you are quirkless, celebrate it. You are in the minority, although perhaps it is the outsider that sees most of the Very amusing post.
Have you noticed what a strange word quirky is when you keep saying it...!

feedthedog said...

okay dudley, i've only met you once and now i'm thinking - what on earth was i wearing that day? because i could only describe my fashion sense as bland. you, on the other hand, are a very snappy, moderne dresser with some lovely quirky accessories...

and cathy, you're right. i'm celebrating... sound of cork popping, champagne calling, better go..

kuber said...

Golly! What on earth do I do now!? Thanks for thinking of me and 'quirk' in the same breath (does that make sense!?) - I'll see what I can do!