Tuesday, March 4, 2008

enough is enough, show me your bunnies, giveaway time!

really, really need to escape blogland for a little while.
the tiny, wee amount of time i normally spend doing blog stuff has been growing and growing of late. i just keep finding new blogs, new designers, new links, clickety, click, click .. hours of my life disappearing. the gorgeous little guy above from lookwhaticando knows what i mean. he's got that look.

and people are finding me and zapping me with lovely (surprise) blog features, so off i go to visit new places, new designers, new links..... this week, many thanks to jade scott and leah hennen and the lovely irene at bloesem who has rescued my sheep and dog from the black hole to present them so beautifully on her site.

visiting blogland is becoming kind of overwhelming. for someone who's been quietly poodling along for years now. need to pull back a bit and resist the irresistible urge to blog and blogview because it's just sucking up time and focus. so i'm crackin' that whip. got to get my new designs done and dusted. a couple of weeks should do it. I'll be back by easter.

and to celebrate .. hang on, what am i celebrating exactly?? oh, what's it matter. it's a GIVEAWAY. yes sireee. (i knew that would thrill me beyond belief, typing in the G word). quickly followed by a huge slap of insecurity .. what if no-one wants this giveaway? oh the public humiliation. oh what the heck.
my little house cushion, complete with insert, is up for grabs. but wait, there's more...
to win this little guy you need to send me a link to a really cool rabbit. that's right. RABBIT. rabbit drawing, rabbit print, rabbit product. one of your own rabbit designs even. i've already started my own stash of bunny finds (see my wish list on the right) and here's one of my all time faves to give you an idea of the kind of rabbit that really rings my bell, this luscious red fibonacci rabbit from the amazing daskaninchen . the utter beauty of this felt creature...
... where do i even begin to find the words to describe how this rabbit makes me feel?
the person who sends a link to the rabbit that most takes my fancy will receive my house cushion AND one of my own handmade cards and envelope featuring my truly inadequate rabbits.
sure, easter will be well and truly over by the time you receive the card but who says bunnies are only for easter, particularly when they're dancing about in their undies. a card for any occassion i would imagine.

comp closes on thursday 20 March and i'll reveal the winner and their rabbit on good friday.
and now for my short disappearing act.


lookwhaticando said...

Well...I LOVE that house pillow so I would LOVE to send you a link to some bunnies but it looks like you found me out....www.Plush-a-holic.blogspot.com

Thanks sososososo much.

lookwhaticando said...

Thanks so much for the blog mention and for giving away such a gorgeous pillow. I can't remember if I commented yet to say thanks and to enter to win...thanks
sosososososososo much!

daskaninchen said...

Oh, you make me blush! Thank you for the kind words:) Truly a compliment. And now (because I have no shame), I can't just stop at taking your kind words but now I have to play for a chance to win your beautiful work!

This may be cheating, but I absolutely couldn't decide on a favorite so here are my two links:

mizu designs said...

ok i have one that's kind of cute. he's vintage (around 1920) and was created by barbara crews

Hyena In Petticoats said...

I just bought a spectacular bunny, you can see her here:


But the rest of her bunnies are just as gorgeous!

I've just found your blog - I'm off to explore a wee bit more....

Leah xx

katie said...


Perhaps this is cuter than your taste but it did catch my eye....
I love the story behind the pillow!


Florence Forrest said...

So lovely to have you drop by my blog :0) I'll add you to my blog links.

Your designs are beautiful (Night Traffic is a big Fav!)

Happy Easter.


mel said...

You might have already seen this, as the website of Oolongg the Rabbit has become world famous. But just in case...


Only in Japan, huh?