Thursday, March 20, 2008

all bunnied out

how very YUM is this wood engraving from south australian printmaker georgia thorpe ? a contest WINNER if ever there was one. for me, this work stood out from all the other divine renditions of the furry creature that i was sent, for several reasons. wood engraving is a not so familiar medium to me and i love the clean lines and strong shapes of this print. but above all i love this work because it has both beauty and humour, an irresistible combination, i find. these dream-like rabbits sleep-walking into each other's arms in the rain are so evocative. georgia sees them as "dancing ... a prelude to what rabbits do best... " her other work is truly divine and i highly recommend a visit to her website.

and, of course, a really big thankyou to the bunch of you who sent me your rabbits. that was an unexpected joy, opening all the gorgeous bunny links. mizudesigns directed me to some lovely antique illustrations from 1920's nursery rhyme books, compiled by barbara crews .

and i was completely in awe of the beautiful, spooky mixed media painting by Erin Paisley from eek designs , suggested by the keen eye of daskaninchen .

the rabbit girl is saying, "fear is worse than misfortune itself" - a Slovak proverb, apparently.

well, half of good friday has already passed and i haven't had a single bite of a hot cross bun. so i'm off to do that now on this bleak, cool sydney day.

thankyou again rabbit contributors.
wishing you all a fab easter break.


mizu designs said...

congratulations to georgia! that print of her is just amazing.

feedthedog said...

it is wonderful, isn't it? and thanks to you for finding her! because that was the only way she stumbled upon my site, offering these lovely bunnies.
your vintage rabbits find was also gorgeous.. thanks for participating, just sorry i couldn't give everyone a prize.

Dudley Redhead said...

a lovely collection. hope you enjoyed your easter..

feedthedog said...

thanks dudley.
i had a very productive and relaxing (!) easter.
good to stay in sydney for a change

Bridget Farmer said...

dear feed the dog!
love your blog and your style. I love gorgia's work too, I sometimes use the print workshop in melbourne at the same time as her and it's lovely seeing her work in progress.

Bridget Farmer said...

hi there feed the dog!
I love your blog and your style.
I love Georgia's work too, i am sometimes in the printworkshop in melbourne at the same time as her and it's lovely to see her work in progress!