Wednesday, February 27, 2008

a few good things

feeling a lot like the kitten on the right.
there's a gal in chicago called gigi.
not only does she have a wonderful name and the warmth and enthusiasm to sink a ship but she also runs a great little blog called roadsidescholar.

i recently did a mini interview for her. it was such fun. and i love how she really considers the flow of words and images on a page. i'm very pleased to be part of her global "gatherings".

and i also now have a low-key presence in trunkt after initially being rejected, boo hoo, that was a hard one to swallow, but like a hyperactive terrier who just won't let go of a thing, i persisted and suddenly entry has been granted. not quite Access All Areas but hey, i'm in. and i know i should be elated or grateful or something but strangely it's an anti-climax.

in this same incredible week that i had recently, irene from bloesem asked if she could feature some of my cushions and of course i said yes please but i'm not sure what has happened there, maybe the sheep have fallen down a black hole. and even if it never happens at least i was asked and for a moment it made me feel bright and shiny. for a moment.

tara from dudley redhead should be feeling bright and shiny because i'm so in love with her Sooty the Supercat print, now in my hot little hands after a direct exchange rendezvous, in the dark of the night, at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.


gigi said...

hey! thanks for the mention!

you make great stuff and it does not surprise me one bit that people are soexcited and interested. thank you for making such fun and liveable things and keep it up! xo gigi

feedthedog said...

gigi you are most welcome for the mention.
and thanks again for your exuberant feedback.

mizu designs said...

god i'm envious of you having that cute kitty print. hey your stuff looks fab in trunkt and also loved the interview in road side scholar. those retailers will be banging on your door for your products!

Dudley Redhead said...

I'm feeling very bright and shiny indeed. thanks for letting 'sooty' meet the dog who bogs.

Dudley Redhead said...

OHHHHH NOOOOO! typo! arrgh - retract! the dog doesn't bog at all! she BLOGS very nicely. sorry - my fingers slipped on the keyboard - I blame the mayo on my lunch...

feedthedog said...

thanks y'all.
that was a good laugh dudley.
bogs, blogs, whatever..

Anonymous said...
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