Saturday, February 23, 2008

variations on a theme

can't bare the sight of that clint eastwood anymore.
just a brief posting with a couple of "new" cushions and ...
WALL PANELS. that's what i'm calling them. here are three wonky looking ones, that aren't all that wonky in real life.

these are flat panels of textured cotton/linen upholstery fabric with overlocked edges.
they can be displayed on a wall with these magnet/tape thingeys that someone told me about and i'm yet to get my hands on OR they can be framed OR they can be lined and hung as you would a wall hanging.
photos of all of the above methods will be coming soon.
also, a couple more cushions that follow previous themes.

and a really big thankyou to all the retailers who swooped on my stall yesterday and depleted nearly all my entire stock of cushions before i could even finish my bacon and egg roll.
still recovering from the shock.
more really new stuff soon.


mizu designs said...

Yay for you and your cushions! That's great news about selling out your stock. Yeah, agreed, only so much of Clint's face that a girl can cope with seeing :)

feedthedog said...

thanks mizu.
yes it was the most extraordinary day at the markets.
if only they were all like that.

reya said...

OK Carmel....I am seriously, madly in love with those antler cushions! Beautiful blog you have here!!
Seeing my pebbles in the things you desire made me smile.