Thursday, January 17, 2008

yellow pages

i was told recently that the Yellow Pages paper is a good medium for handcut screen prints because the paper doesn't buckle and you can get up to 40 prints from it.
i tried it with these new one off cushions. the fine lined background shapes were cut from the yellow pages. worked a treat.


mizu designs said...

do you mean you used the yellow pages to cut stencils for your screen? and your were able to cut those intricate designs in the circle shapes by hand to print? wow!

feedthedog said...

i'm extremely bad at explaining things. always leave out important details.
I used the yellow pages to cut out the stencils for the shapes that have NO patterns in them. but you coud cut really fine details with the yellow pages paper that would be harder to do with the standard Ezycut stencil paper.
the patterns are appliqued pieces of fabric offcuts that i had, not hand stencils, but i'm going to try something more intricate when i get the chance.

Trendy Tots said...

These pillows are beautiful! Great job!

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