Sunday, January 13, 2008

egg on face

oh come on now!
i can't be the only person to ASSUME that Australia Post would organise their parcels by the NAME of the receiver?
i've been back and forth to that wretched post office since xmas, collecting small parcels. is it totally insane of me to think that ALL my uncollected parcels would be handed over, beasties included?
well, apparently YES because Australia Post clearly does not operate according to my or the western world's system of order.

intrigue, anxiety, anger ... all for nought! [see previous post].
the beasties have finally made it home, looking none the worse for wear after many weeks in an uncaring enviroment.

i love how the bobcat has a tail and the dog doesn't.
thanks so much to emily [creator of beasties] who provided superb, but unnecessary grief counselling and compensation.

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