Friday, February 1, 2008


to have lived in Brisbane for 20 years, as i did, and NOT to have travelled the short distance to the gorgeous Stradbroke Island is quite unbelievable to anyone who knows Brisbane.

"What, you've never been to Straddie??!!" shock. horror.
don't ask me how many times i've heard this over the years.

well, finally, last week, i put an end to my shame.
and i'm still reeling. just can't get the wild beauty of this stunning sand island out of my head.

my friends have just bought an old backpackers hostel on the island and have turned it into flats. they live downstairs and rent out the four flats above. my timing was brilliant because i got to stay in one of the vacant flats with a balcony and private courtyard.

it was a 5 minute walk through subtropical bush to divine, secluded little beaches.
i have to confess, a real holiday for me just has to include a beach. and rock pools. and superb bushland and walking tracks. and good friends and food. sleep. books. just the right amount of alcohol. swims and more swims.
absolute heaven.

and now, on a very humid sydney afternoon i'm trying to adjust to the real world and work.

just to get me in the mood, i'd love to share the work of English textile artist Maxine Sutton whose extraordinary screenprinted and embroidered works i discovered recently.


mizu designs said...

Oh Straddie! I only went there myself for the first time 2 years ago if that makes you feel any better. My parents live very close to the ferry terminal in Cleveland so I went over with them. It is so gorgeous there! I love all those pandana trees on the island and the crystal clear water (watch out for those sharks!).

And Maxine's work is just divine, so thanks for sharing that.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Well, yeh, I'm a Brizvegas girl and I have to say, you'd never been to Straddie? I just love the place but really don't go over often enough. It's just magical isn't it! Ahh... yet another reason to move back to Australia....