Sunday, August 7, 2011

way to go

Summing up my year so far : got sick. recovered. went away.

Okay, haven't quite left yet .. but soon. Scary soon. Writing a blog post is really the very last thing I should be doing but unfortunately I excel at procrastination. And I do have just a couple of things I want to off load before I head off.

First up, a recent purchase. These totally, yes I'm going to say it - AWESOME - cushions, hand-crocheted in merino wool, with a linen backing and buttons from the V&A in London, if you please. Love these to bits. Made by the super talented Kylie who is crocheting up a storm of triangles over here. If you likey, go grab one of these beauties NOW before she gets all triangled out and moves on to some other amazing creations.

Secondly, just as I decide that I don't want to wholesale anymore, [not that I do much anyway], what happens? These guys below come a' knocking. How can I possibly say no to my long time favourite Sydney design shop? How? Not possible. And so it is that KOSKELA, no less, now has a range of my cushions and fabric wall panels. Pinch!

photo from August Sydney Magazine courtesy of
If you've never stepped inside this stunning, New York loft-style retail space in Surry Hills, do yourself a favour. You will catch your breath, I swear [and not just from climbing the stairs].

I particularly love their Yuta Badayala light pendants (like the massive spotty one in the pic above) which are a collaboration between Koskela and the Yolngu weavers from Elcho Island in Arnhem Land. Each of these stunning pieces is completely unique as the weavers are free to interpret the light shade form provided by Koskela.
photography by Anson Smart, Koskela for idea11

Another Kylie has just come back from an amazing, hands-on experience with other Arrnhem Land weavers which I've really enjoyed reading about here.

Koskela also have a gorgeous rental property, Dickebusch, in the sleepy little coastal town of Pattonga on the central coast.

all the above images from

I am just so chuffed to be leaving many of my new pieces in the light, airy, beautiful space of Koskela, surrounded by so many charming, original, well-crafted designs.

Way to go.

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Kylie said...

Wow! Carmel, that is just fabulous! Congratulations. Never rains it pours, hmm? I'm so happy for you :)
Thank you so much for the beautiful mention.
Muchos happy you like them. Well, bon voyage then... Travel safely. See you in Paris! :) Kx