Thursday, June 30, 2011


Come August I'll be climbing into a really big aeroplane and flying out of the country to park my butt in Berlin for a month or three. Before I go, and really just to amuse myself, I've turned my etsy shop into a virtual pop up shop called FETCH where I've listed lots of stuff, new and old, and will be adding more regularly over the thirty one days of July.

Sure I should be brushing up on my high school German but you could say I've been somewhat distracted. Making new mini cushions and fabric wall panels and revamping a bunch of old lampshades.

Sure I should be flicking through travel guides and dropping pins on my maps app but I've been too busytaking photographs of old stock and going a little mental with SALE prices. If you've always wanted something feedthedog and have found yourself thinking "she's got to be joking" when you've see my prices, well, I invite you to take a squizz at my POP UP sale prices. I assure you, you'll come away thinking "she's got to be joking".

Come the end of July, I'll be closing up shop and won't be back here until next year. 

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Kylie said...

Wow, Carmel! That's so exciting! Very happy for you - I've always wanted to visit Berlin (very jealous too!) So what's the occasion - can you share what you'll be there for? Will you be able to blog whilst there? Sorry, so many questions but it is very exciting :) Good luck. Kx