Saturday, August 29, 2009

berice takes it out

it's almost the end of august so i'm wrapping this up.

a big thankyou to all who responded to my giveaway. quite a few of you replied privately and i thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's responses.

but i really couldn't go past the story of Berice the Sheep and the 81-year-old neighbour who is about to say farewell to his sheep. This story threw up so many questions - was the owner of Berice a sheep farmer, if so why was she singled out as pet? If not, how do you get to own a sheep? Where must you live to have a sheep as a pet? How long has Berice been part of the family? And why does Berice have to depart? (not sure that I want to know the answer to that last one).

such a lovely story AND this panel is going to be a gift. Yep, pushed all the buttons for me. Though I must say I also loved Kate's hilarious over-the-top response and fabulous punning ability with "bah-rilliant cushions", sadly I can see myself stealing this phrase and tragically over-using it at the next market I do.

so congrats to kiki.
that was fun.
must do it again.


Kiki said...

What a happy girl I am! Berice has departed yet she will live on with this lovely panel. I am unsure of what made her so ill however I think she wasn't very young.

We live in a semi-rural setting near the Sunshine Coast so sheep are the "norm" around here. She just hung around the house and kept the old boy company.

K x

PS: How odd that my word verification today is 'diessese'.

feedthedog said...

I forgot to mention how much I love the name of this sheep too. I think the sheep you chose is very much a berice and hope it fills a bit of that hole that the real berice must have left.

such a thoughtful gesture on your part.

Kate said...

Sob...sob...sob..sniff, wait there, I'll just get a tissue. Ok, sniff...I'm, really, it's Ok, I'll be...sniff...fine. Congratulations to Kiki and her octogenarian neighbour. Farewell Berice.
Now, just a couple of things.
Ex-cuse me! What was that now? "Over the top"???! Moi?! NEVER! Have we met?
Also, while I look into the intellectual property rights associated with your future use of my tragic terminology, let me just ask, when IS the next market? You need to pimp yourself out more girlie! I may be rotting in Canberraahh (stifle scream) but I do put myself about a bit and cannot find a word about which markets you are doing.
KIRRIBILLI ART & DESIGN MARKETS on the 13th perchance?

feedthedog said...

kate, now wipe those tears and get a grip, girl! before our dollar went south i was a very dutiful market whore, putting my stuff out there every week at paddington. these days i only do the big gigs .. finders keepers, to name one, and have 3 or 4 applications for markets in right now. i tried to get into the handmade market in canberra in a couple of weeks, this is a fairly new market, but i missed the deadline for this one. my next markets will be adelaide and melbourne so that doesn't help you. but stay tuned .. i'll be announcing all my market-going activity right here, as soon as i get confirmation. i've done the kirribilli art design gig in the past but it's never been particularly good for me. not a sheep-loving crowd i find.