Tuesday, July 28, 2009

giving it away in august

if you would like any of the panels below, just let me know which one, and why.
that's all you have to do.

each fabric panel is a one off.
they feature original hand drawn graphics printed by hand.
my hands.
the little bird is a lino cut print - no panel really feels complete without one.
familiar techniques like applique, hand embroidery, machine stitching and surface marks add texture to the flat surface of the panels which are 100% cotton or cotton/linen blend fabrics.
i use non-toxic, eco-friendly inks that are intense and durable.

the panels are securely mounted onto foam core and matted.
all you need to do is buy a frame.

at the end of august i will choose an answer i like.
then your panel will be sealed in a cellophane sleeve and posted to you in a sturdy cardboard mailer.

more of my panels can be found at UDESSI, a beautiful online gallery featuring original australian art and design.

and if it's cushions you're after, i have a bunch of new ones in my shops, here and here.

thanks for stopping by to my very infrequent blog.
here are the panels.
entire size, including the matt frame, is 29 x 38cm [11 x 15ins]







Trixie Jones said...

#1- that's the prettiest patterned sheep ever!

Anonymous said...

i love the last one - #5. think it kind of suits me moving house shortly. :)
and love the colours.

[assemblage at optusnet dot com dot au]

Estrella said...

All this work is made with fabric, or is it a print? i love the texture and the look!

Vanessa said...

The colors of number 3 are wonderful, I'm loving mustard browns at the moment and it goes so well with the green and chocolate. The free stitching pattern of the trees is lovely and strong.

feedthedog said...

these are all made with fabric. all one offs.

Kiki said...

Hello, #1 is the pick of the panels for me.
My 81yo neighbour and supplier of many organic avocados to our family is about to say goodbye to his beloved old sheep named Berice. I'd love to frame this for him as a memoir.

Katherine said...

I love number one. (of course I am a little biased as sheep are a favourite of mine!) I like the contrast between the different textures and colours.

Nozomi said...

I love the sheep panels because the sheep look like they have clever thoughts.

Kate said...

You crafty crafty lass! I have just stumbled on your bah-rilliant cushions on that money trap commonly known as Etsy. As my credit card groans with fear I am eenie meanie miney moeing between city and sheep or perhaps more fittingly as I live in Canberra it should be sheep in the city - it's the bush capital afterall. Oops, I am rambling. So I moseyed on over to your blog and what great timing!! A give away!!! I can't pick a favourite, don't make me, I like them all. Kudos on your creativity!

thephillydog said...

I love #2 Bah! I love it because I can picture hanging it over my bed and in the morning when I wake up and I don't want to go to work I can look at the Sheep and say "Bah"! right back at her! Or when I'm upset & crying I can look at her and say, "Bah!" I love how she wants to just come to live and jump off the fabric. Beautiful work :)

kuber... said...

Hi feedthedog.
For its blue bird and its little house and its red dirt and its seaweed sky but mostly for its cut-out ghostly tree, it's number 5 that catches my eye the most.

Loz and Dinny said...

wow - I stopped by to have a gander and find not only a giveaway - but AMAZING work! I love panel three - you see I live in a very wonky old house built in the late 1800s - it looks very much like this gorgeous green house in your panel - and it is the centre of a new and very wonky life we have carved out for ourselves here in Tassie - free as birds we are! (I love the sheep too - hell I love all of them!)

Funky Finds said...

they are all fabulous! i would say #3 & #4 stand out in my mind b/c of the colors. i hope i am lucky enough to win one! :) jessica - info(at)funkyfinds(dot)us