Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ode to lost things

okay, it's gone. all gone. everything.
i'll say it one more time - I'VE LOST THE LOT.
boo hoo.
poor me.
suck it in. move on.

when kylie from mizu designs did a post recently about the theft of her computer & camera & then was immediately back posting as if nothing had happened i thought ... my god, what a woman, how can she be so calm and dignified when she's lost everything like this?? i was so impressed. i would be a blubbering wreck for the rest of my life if anything like that ever happened to me.

well, i howled and wept .. though for a surprisingly short time, i couldn't help but notice.
and now ... well, what else can you do except move on? my Mac geek tried extensive resuscitation for two long weeks, kept me full of hope. but in the end .. well ... not a happy resolution.

goodbye my precious things. i miss you. i want you back. [design] life will not be the same without you.
boo bloody hoo.

i made something beautiful today that gave me great joy.
starting again.


mizu designs said...

all i can say is it's called INSURANCE honey :) i'm a total sook about this stuff too. i was just trying to be brave publicly. and a good friend gave me her spare laptop to use until mine got replaced. but behind all my braveness i was so damn mad with the thieves for taking my actual and intellectual property, not to mention breaking into our house and throwing our stuff everywhere. so there, i've had my delayed tantrum. mine's more about anger. yours seems more about sadness. like you've lost a friend. we'll both be ok really, i promise.

mizu designs said...

can i also just say that you and i must have very similar taste as that Drikab albero tote bag you have in your 'things i desire' list is one of my favourites and is bookmarked in my etsy shop because i would really love one too. how funny is that?

Shannah said...

So sorry for your loss!!!
I am reminded yet again to back up my files.
Chin up and cheers to your fresh start;)

gigi said...

oh no! that's not good. but why do i get the feeling that your new designs you whip up on the new computer will be so terrific despite this?

feedthedog said...

thanks y'all.
really appreciate the support.
i wrote a couple of drafts about my loss before posting this one and so glad no-one has seen the previous attempts.

hey mizu isn't that tote the best? i soooo need and want it.

see... i've recovered already!

mizu designs said...

nothing like retail therapy to get us all through the rough spots :)