Thursday, May 1, 2008


it's been one of those grey still days in sydney. just cold enough to fool yourself that winter really is a fabulous time of year.
i've been without a computer for nearly a week. both liberating .. and seriously disturbing. my hard drive died. no backup. yup, saw it coming, didn't act fast enough. still i live in hope. i have a new computer. i still haven't been able to rescue my years and years of stuff on my old mac. but i live in hope.
i do love these grey still days, they make me feel calm.

recently i had the pleasure of "meeting' marichelle from
hearthandmade. she's a passionate design afficionado and recent escapee from corporate life in New York. her blog is beautiful. not only does she find amazing stuff but her site has a strong aesthetic appeal - very slick but with lovely personal touches like the faux handwriting, very cute. she did the most amazing number on one of my cushions in a section she calls heart lab where she attempts to dissect the art of the handmade.

it's such a clever idea. do check her out.


gigi said...

i saw this in my reader and was so happy she had found you! i too love her blog. :)

mizu designs said...

so sorry to hear about the computer drama. you know i can empathise with you on this one. it's just crap. all lost. and will either of us learn our lesson and START BACKING UP? i speak for myself only when i say this: i doubt it.

kirsten said...

great cushion cover
and i love the way she has dissected your work!
[becomes another artwork in itself - great visual impact]

kirsten @