Saturday, February 2, 2013

thankyou and farewell

It's been an interesting bunch of years as a designer/ maker and owner of a teeny, tiny business called feedthedog. It was tough, relentless, soul-nurturing, soul-destroying, fun, stressful, exciting, energising, creatively satisfying like nothing I've ever done before and pretty much defined who I was. It was an all-consuming passion.

Met so many new people who are still friends today and many, many others - gorgeous, charming, delightful souls who felt the desire to own or gift something I'd made in my tiny studio/home in Potts Point, Sydney. I thank you all, truly, deeply.

Health is great but still challenging. On to new adventures now. I can't quite bring myself to say goodbye so let's just leave it at that.

To new adventures.

Carmel x

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