Tuesday, July 10, 2012

letting go

So here's the thing. One day, what seems like a long time ago, I woke up decidedly unwell. Many, many months later I find myself still less-than-average. I guess there's only so much a witch doctor, a holiday and yoga classes can do. 

Annoyingly, regrettably, chronic health issues have got the better of me. I haven't made a thing for nearly a year now. Being homeless and studio-less doesn't help. And so, in an act of surrender I'm putting the dog to bed. Shutting up shop. 

This was never part of the plan. But I need to get my stupidly good health back. So that's what I'm doing. It consumes all of my time. Living a weird, unfamiliar life right now but this is how it has to be. For a while.

Over yonder in Etsy I'm having a SALE. All my last things. And it's FREE SHIPPING within Australia on individual items. You can find stuff like this:

And more.

I hope to be back. I can't conceive that these hands will never make another thing. Ever.


Paravent said...

Hey Carmel - you're back! So lovely to see you again even if it is to say au revoir. Sorry to hear that your health problems continue. A friend of mine battled the unexplained for many years and has just achieved 'pain free' this year... I wish you similar success - things can turn around. It took a lot of effort on her part though. I think to some extent we need to be our own doctor these days because no-one looks at the whole picture - they all get stuck in their own speciality. Good luck, hon. Kx

Jesse said...

So sorry to read this news. I hope you recover soon, and completely.

Unknown said...

We want you back !!!
Please keep posting !!!