Wednesday, August 6, 2008

real estate

i bought a house.
little wonky red one on a hill.
all the way from denver colorada.

the wildly energetic and super talented lisa from urbanbird made this beautiful house.
i love the vibrant, scratchy colours, the texture, that slab of red sitting all alone, serene and confident.
lisa paints and screens onto birch plywood.

alas, i can only afford a print right now but i'm slowly loading up the piggybank in hope of purchasing the real deal, a house on wood, one day.

in the meantime i have this beautiful print to gaze at.
currently lisa is buried deep in houses and numbers over at thelittlebirdy


Cathy said...

Love your blog. So funny, and wonderful designs. Will be back for another peek soon.

ckillin said...

don't make it too soon .. i'm the slackest blogger in all of blogland, methinks. thanks for dropping by cathy.

Diana said...

Love anything printed on wood at mo'. Reminds me of Dr Seuss, cute..

My name is none of your beeswax said...

nice find! love the colors and textures.