Saturday, March 26, 2011

down the road

A ten minute walk down the cliched country road that is now the street I live in, there is a beautiful shop/ gallery called the Pear House. It's tucked away in the sprawling grounds of an outdoorsy cafe - Bamboo Buddha which is, unfortunately, everything the name suggests - decor direct from a Bali warehouse, excruiatingly slow service from spaced-out hippy waiters and an in-house psychic healer called Shaz Butterfly. The Pear House though is a gorgeous, self-contained shop that is worlds away from the Bali-esque horror that surrounds it.

Don't be put off by the brown and mustard exterior. Inside is the most delightful space full of both vintage and modern interior designs hand-picked by super-friendly, ex-Sydneysider, Lauren. I haven't been cold calling with my wares for many a year now but the day I walzted into Lauren's shop with my product booklet it was like walking into a friend's home.

Always good to see my labours of love in a beautiful, new environment.

AND, my online shop is open again. Clearing old and not so old stock with a ridiculous sale. A one off cushion that was $150 is now going for an insane $50 (and that includes the feather insert). Yes, I'm clearly still a little unwell but really I just want these cushions to be gone. Making way for new organic products, lampshades and wall panels.

Still plodding along at snail's pace though. And that suits me just fine for now.
ps. thankyou to everyone who left such sweet comments in my previous post. 


mizu designs said...

C - have you seriously moved from Sydney?

feedthedog said...

kylie - I kinda have moved out of Syd town. Still schelpping about at my sister's place on the central coast and I'll be here till mid Aug when I go OS for 3 months. I'm subletting my place in Sydney but will be packing up and moving out completely before I escape Australia. Not sure where I'll end up when I return but it's unlikely to be sydney.