Sunday, November 14, 2010

you gotta laugh

Yes, we all bang on about the wonderful people we meet at markets but that's probably because it's true. Without these new and wonderous peeps [and the familiar faces too], be they stall holders or punters, I can't imagine how I'd survive a 3 day event like this. It was so uplifting meeting you all - and you know who you are.

My fave comments/ conversations from the last 3 days:

Woman staring at my red lampshade for a very long time finally says to me, Have you ever considered a farm yard theme? Ah .. no.

Woman with American accent asks me if I do custom orders and when I mumble something about maybe next year she says to me, So you would do me a cardinale? A what? I say. A cardinale. You don't know the cardinale? she says, with utter astonishment. No, what's a cardinale? It's the bird that represents the state of Ohio. Oh right. No ... I don't do custom orders.

At drinks on the second night, chatting with two other stall holders. One of them asks me what I do and while I'm trying to think of an amusing reply the other stall holder says, interior awesomeness. [I like. Must put that on my business card].

Woman restraining a small child says, Oh my goodness, where do you get this fabric? Um.. [what does she mean?] I make it myself. Really? You mean it's not bought fabric? No, I make it myself. [I draw pictures, I turn them into screens, I print onto various fabrics by hand, I cut out individual images and applique them onto base cloth, I print and paint onto base cloth,  build up layers and finally add some hand stitched details or buttons or whatever. Then I squeeze out a few drops of blood, sweat and tears, mix it all up and hey presto]. I wish I could have said all that in the brackets, though I think maybe I lost control of my face during that exchange and it said it all for me anyway.

It was three days of the usual [for me anyway] mix of heightened reality, laughs, boredom, confidence battering, confidence boosting, laughs, teeny bit of alcohol, bartering, spending, earning and gorgeous silly conversations. Oh, and the heat this time. Full on heat.

All in all, pretty good.  


Kylie said...

I'm still laughing! :))
I must say I'm very disappointed in you, Carmel, for not knowing the Ohio state bird! Come ON now! Pick up your game woman ;)
Glad the markets went well and really loved reading your process for creating your interior awesomes. Kx

p.s. 2nd paragraph (of course) written in the font sarcastica ;)

Cherie said...

OMG there was so much to laugh at ... meeting you was our highlight ... hope you've recovered ;) xo.

mizu designs said...

I think 'interior awesomeness' definitely covers what you do.

Simone said...

Brilliant Carmel! Your work looked so beautiful and it was a pleasure to share the weekend as neighbours! x

Anonymous said...


cherie just put me on to you.
HOw hilarious are you?

And yes your answer should be Interior awesomeness. Because most people are not interesetd in the answer when they ask that question. So this jolts them out of it.

inaluxe said...

Carmel, you write so amazingly. I'm laughing too just like Kylie. I sometimes wish I could just say "f--k off."

I don't think I could do markets, I'd probably have a heart attack in the first five minutes, or insult someoone - inadvertently of course.

Absolutely loved your post. Hope you're feeling better, and I don't know what to say about the big box not showing up - I'm sooo sorry... I hope it turns up. xo hugs, K

inaluxe said...

by the way, you are interior awesomness - just like everyone else said, and your work looks amazing. xo love yoooooou! K

Thea said...

Hi Carmel, your post made me laugh as every designer has and will continue to encounter customers who know how to design products better than us but hey, don't actually do it. I guess it's easier to talk the talk rather then spill the necessary blood, sweat and tears. I'm VERY sorry to hear about your missing box. That really sucks. I hope you had insurance although that doesn't cover your hours of lost creativity.