Tuesday, November 30, 2010

bits and pieces

My version of limited edition usually means about 5 or 6. I will have four only of these bird cushions at Finders Keepers. Printed and hand stitched onto beautiful upholstery weight organic cotton/ hemp. AND comes with a corn fibre insert. Even the casing is made from 100% natural corn. Yummy.

And he has a non-matching friend in mustard tones. I have five of these. I think. 

This is a special little custom-made cushion for a special customer. This started life as a fabric panel but it wasn't a regular size so we decided it might look good as a cushion. It's quite tiny which makes it even sweeter. 
Hope to see you at Finders Keepers in a couple of days. I'm having a raffle. No spinning wheel and not a chook in sight. But all proceeds going to Ian Thorpe's Fountain for Youth which improves the health and education of indigenous children. Not sure about that title Thorpie (sounds like a cosmetic surgery company) but a great cause I reckon. Haven't completely settled on what I'll throw into the raffle basket but it will be chokka with a range of products. 

Drop by Friday night or Saturday. Would love to say hi.


mizu designs said...

I love those bird and egg cushions! So beautiful! Fits well with my current egg fetish :) Hope FK goes well.

feedthedog said...

thanks kylie. have also been secretly admiring your eggs! in these cushions I wasn't thinking eggs at all, rather the print was meant to be rocks... but they do look very egg-like.

eggs. rocks. whatever works.

Kylie said...

Oh, the mustard-toned one... yummmmm :)
Good luck at the markets Carmel. Kx

p.s. seems you're being plagued by 'Kylies' ;)