Monday, February 15, 2010


Holidays are long over [sigh]. Being bombarded by work on all fronts. Have some new panels over at Udessi.

Put my hand up again for the amazing, beautiful BowerBird Bazaar in Adelaide. Love this particular market. The venue and quality of stalls is very impressive. If you live in SA or just hanging around after Womadelaide or the Fringe Festival you should drop by to the Queens Theatre for this great design event.

I've been playing with a new product. Light and fabric are a lovely combination.


Kristina Sostarko said...

Oh my god! (Although I don't believe in god as such, that's such a great saying!) Your new fabric explorations are just divine! When can we see more? Please? Soon? Not long now? Almost ready? You get the excitement level here! Yes, holidays are over.... sooooo fast. Not long now and it'll be christmas! ha ha ha ha. Cracking myself up now. Better go and do some work before then! :) xoxoxoxo You're the best!

feedthedog said...

Yes, I'm just a tease.
The truth of the matter is I'm a little insecure about these new products .. they look so much better in extreme close-up.
Still developing ideas.
Running out of time very fast.

Aris said...

fabric and light, so looking forward to seeing more!!!

Kristina Sostarko said...

I bet you they look sensational, even if not just close up! xo

feedthedog said...

no, you're way too kind. you would fall over laughing or in horror if you could see the entire forms in all their wonky, unfinished, unresolved glory.

Kristina Sostarko said...

well, i haven't fallen over while laughing for a long long time, soooooo given that this might be the outcome, well, it would be hella fun! he he. Of course, I think you're too self-critical, and you think I'm too kind. we should just both fall over laughing at each other right now! ha ha ha ha (I'm making a start already!). xoxoxo

gretchenmist said...

wow, this secret new product is looking pretty divine.
hope you are getting some progress with it ~ so hard to find time for new things!
thanks for your comment ~ sorry the tent hasn't been your friend!

Cathy said...

I like your mosaic of designs. Very nice indeed. Good luck with the bazaar. You seem to have great markets in Oz.

Anonymous said...
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