Sunday, December 20, 2009

visual ga ga

Thought I'd done my last post for the year but just had to share this.
In case you haven't seen this over at the Design Files I urge you to go gawp at David Bromely's jaw-dropping work space in Melbourne. (Posted on 18 December).


Stunning photos from Lucy Feagins. Keep scrolling down after the interview .. photos just keep getting better.


i n a l u x e said...

F-A-R O-U-T! That was an incredible read and looksie. So inspiring. I'd love to buy the set of books.... wonderful how much they cost? Will have to check it out! But how amazing is his house?! IT goes for miles and miles. I was blown away. thanks for sharing this Carmel, nice way to start the day. xo

feedthedog said...

I keep going back to look and look again .. so much to take in .. can't quite believe what I'm looking at.
Those embroidered lampshades!!

i n a l u x e said...

makes me want to cry from happiness quite frankly. I'm so sick of seeing the same interiors this was just such a breath of fresh air. I want to change everything in my house now! ha ha ha.

Lucy said...

Haaaa thanks for the link!! :)

YES workspace. Not house, and not even his studio, apparently... more like office / city pied-a-terre / occasional party venue??

AMAZING! I only wonder what his actual home looks like... sheesh.

Feel very lucky to have been able to share these shots! Thanks! xx

ps) the books are $150 I think?

mizu designs said...

That is some mansion! Don't you just love the feel of old houses? Great post.

i n a l u x e said...

Hello ladies, I think it's all fake, and he rented it for a weekend, and he probably lives in a brick veneer just like me, and rents it! in west footscray even! ha ha ha. Ok, so maybe not. But lets face it, he's not the best looking man in the world - so there is hope, and we do have something going for us afterall! ha ha ha.

Just being silly today... xo

Cathy said...

Wow, so much inspiration and fabulous rooms. That was a mega post. I love the little girl/doll in tunic and black stripey trousers and that amazing bedspread.

Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Dudley Redhead said...

Happy Holidays and may 2010 have lots of the goodness you deserve xox