Tuesday, December 8, 2009


There's a new annual design market on in Melbourne this weekend at the Meat Market in North Melbourne. It sounds like a goodie but .. never can tell with markets. I came very close to getting a stall there but in the end I piked. Couldn't stomach another market before Christmas and a totally new one is always a bit of a risk.
If any of you Melbourne peeps are in the vicinity of this market on the weekend would love to know what it's like. If you could post a simple thumbs up or thumbs down that would be most appreciated.

I don't know, there are so many design markets springing up around Australia, I think they're starting to lose their 'specialness'. Would be good to see another way of offloading products. I'm a big fan of the barter system, which happens a lot when you do markets. Just love exchanging goods for goods with my fave designers. Who needs money?

Leaving you with a little work-in-progress piccy. Many months ago I got this 1940's folding theatre chair from an Op Shop on the Central Coast. It was upholstered in a deep green, rusty old leather (there are some BEFORE photos somewhere) which I was going to clean up but I accidently slashed into it when removing upholstery pins.
So, a cushion cover gets slapped onto a chair.

Not so sure .. the dark green leather looked good, more authentic.


i n a l u x e said...

oh I really love the deer/elk/moose image on the neutral and the white background. Your chair is awesome. I love the neutral tones in it. It's modern and clean, but timeless, and I think it does work. Of course, you can always keep playing with it until you're truly satisfied - as I imagine you will! :)
I'd love to check this market out, but man oh man, it's so flat out this time of year. If I make it along, I'll definately let you know my thoughts. And yeah... how many markets are we going to have? It's weird. Especially when you go to a small and independant artist/designer market and find stalls of mass produced "made in china" crap. sad. But the good news is, you have a beauitufl chair there! Sorry for the letter. ha ha ha. xo

mizu designs said...

Great chair revamp!
Sorry didn't get to that market you asked about so can't say if it was a goodie or not.
Agreed - too many markets on at the moment in Aus. We are overloaded.