Friday, November 6, 2009

PYD Market

The less said about this market the better.
Apologies for very crappy phone photos (forgot my camera).
Not sure why I'm even posting these.

Closure, perhaps?


inaluxe said...

You made me laugh with that post. I hope it gave you closure. What went wrong? I've never heard of the PYD market. have a really nice weekend! you deserve it. xoxo K

inaluxe said...

by the way, I think your display and everything in it looks amazing.

mizu designs said...

Not much fun? Oh dear. Put it down to the experience.

Did you get my info about Tessuti fabrics? They're in Sydney too in Surry Hills I believe.

feedthedog said...

hi kristina and kylie.
I can even begin to tell you what was wrong with this market. Have never seen so many grumpy, bored stallholders at one event. REally felt sorry for the people who had schellped up from Melbourne. It was hyped to the max and just not advertised well enough, in my opinion. And on the second day when they were expecting the 20,000 people at the outside festival the sky opened and the festival was cancelled. But we all still had to stand there all day. No people. At least I didn't lose money, which is astonishing really.

Now Kylie, I replied to your Tessuti comment on your blog .. and I've been thinking that you didn't publish it because it was a little negative. I guess I didn't send it properly. Basically, I've been going to Tessuti in Syd on and off for years but have never found anything I liked there, in fact I've always wanted to run screaming from this shop because I've only ever seen garish, ornately decorative, frou frou kind of fabrics. So I'm wondering if Melbourne stocks different fabrics? Certainly never seen anything like those gorgeous cottons that you have. But I must give it another go .. it's moved to a new location in Syd so maybe they've improved their stock.

mizu designs said...

OMG Carmel, no I didn't get your comment. I wonder what happened in cyberspace to erase it like that. Interesting thoughts though...maybe they do stock slightly different stuff in Melb????

inaluxe said...

Hi Carmel, :) it's amazing really to think that people could be grumpy at a market. Markets are fun! so I can imagine how horrible it must have been.
On the bright side, I bet you feel way good about being at home! Seriously though, sorry the market was such an unpleasant experience. Lucky it did not go any longer. xo