Thursday, November 19, 2009

loving ...

amy earles from woolandwater


kristina from inaluxe


inaluxe said...

hi Carmel, these are awesome! I started toolong and I thought wow, yep, I'd like that one, and that one, and that one, and then saw little grey bird. and smiled. :) That mushroom is amazing, but I also think the cushion is beautiful, then there's the girl.... can't pick one favourite. :( ha ha.

inaluxe said...

Actually, I have to ask, is the tree one of yours? There's no name there, but it's amazing! And I have a strange feeling I called it a mushroom... having a big hair morning - that's all I can say. lol.

feedthedog said...

big hair will do it everytime.
i'm with you on the mushroom.
let's call it a mushroom tree.
yes it's one of mine.

i think little grey goes so well with it.
but i'm still shuffling him around my walls.


Kylie said...

So here you are! I thought you didn't have a blog Carmel! Why did I think that...? Did we have an email conversation about this? Oh boy - looks like there's a lot of big hair going around ;) Just found you via that lovely girl Kristina... very glad too. Love the mushtree. K

martinia said...

Beautiful things. I love it. Greetings from Italy!:)

inaluxe said...

Carmel... I've been meaning to drop back and say.... "love the mushtree too" in echo to Kylie. :) sorry about calling it a mushroom, but I'm kind of glad it happened - it's a ool name you chose!

Hope you're all relaxed after all your market mayhem. xo K