Saturday, June 14, 2008

from this, to this

the sheep have invaded. can't move around my tiny flat without tripping over them. their benign, staring faces and psychedelic coats are getting to me. have been deliriously, happily housebound for days, weeks, sheltering from the bleak weather and printing like a madwoman. trees, buildings, dinosaurs, birds, spots, stripes, antlers, flowers, super rabbits, cats, dogs and ... sheep!

utter chaos.
everywhere i look - a dog's breakfast of colour, pattern, shapes, line, texture.
get me out of here!
and what? throw myself into the gothic weather? okay.
or i could just do this -

simple, serene, abstract.
heartbeat slowing.

oooh look. and another one. balance. calm.

may as well do three. now it can hang in a doorway like a japanese thingey, what are they called?
don't like the one on the right. too similar to the second one.
but i do like the uneven lengths.
framing my art deco bathroom. an utterly useless thing.
though it does have a certain 'come hither' appeal.

off to get a life.


diana said...

Wow, that's alot of printing. I've been doing the same in this crappy weather, printing, illustrations, blog-surfing. When is the weather going to let up? Love those sheep! Is this a gocco print?

mizu designs said...

ah where did my comment go? i just left one and it's gone. just wanted to say how much i love the sheep and when we get a new couch in the next few months i hope to be in the market for one of your cute fluffy friends.
and the japanese thing is called a 'noren'.

feedthedog said...

hi diana, yes the sheep is gocco. making each one is somewhat labour intensive but i'm strangely addicted at the moment.
as for the weather.... ye gods!! just hope it will be behaving itself come saturday when i have to brave the elements at paddington market...

mizu, thanks.. noren .. it was on the tip of my tongue... wasn't so sure about putting all the different sheep clustered together on the one cushion .. it's a bit full on ... but i kind of like it ... don't know if i could live with it though ..

Vanessa said...

Beautiful hangings. The sheep are wonderful.
I've added you as a link in my blog, hope that's ok.

feedthedog said...

delighted to meet you vanessa .. your illustrations are utterly beautiful and your blog is gorgeous. some lovely visual details on your site, like the hierarchy of blog names (how divine) and the image linking to your shop. just love it. thanks for dropping by.

Lisa said...

very very lovely! the sheep are so adorable!

i added you to a treasury - check it out

i n a l u x e said...

I love these - my goodness, they are beautiful! I love how they hang, and yes, also like the different lengths. Soooo many possibilities! Their simple but not. I love their depths. so cool!