Saturday, January 5, 2008

a house, a garden

i don't have a house or a garden and lust for both.
here though is my fave girl [Bah cushion] looking somewhat sheepish in
the latest Australian House and Garden.

i have a view of ornamental magnolia trees from the work bench in my art deco apartment.

this is my house and out there is my garden.
it will do for now.
have been rearranging furniture in the heat.
very little work happening here at the moment.
it's too summery to be productive.


mizu designs said...

such a cute apartment block! i used to live in elizabeth bay and it reminds me of places around there.

feedthedog said...

very close.. potts point! it's a gorgeous part of the world.

Dudley Redhead said...

hey - I saw your cushion in House & Garden (while in the supermarket queue..) and recognised you from last week. Looks great.. well done. Nice to have discovered you..

Jennifer Ramos said...

Very cool! : )

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'