Wednesday, November 7, 2007

antlers alert

new obsession.
of the elk variety in particular.
hand cut, hand screen printed onto cotton/linen fabric.

and a little rusty red lino cut bird stitched onto the corner.
some buttons on the back of one. a tied cotton tape on the back of the other.
many mistakes doing these two cushions.
not ready for the public yet.

but soon.


mizu designs said...

absolutely gorgeous! can't wait til they are ready for the public :)

feedthedog said...

kylie, you are so consistent and positive with your comments to my blog.
i think it's only ever you and me here and i hope you don't feel obliged to write something.
i think it's really sweet that you do, you always do, but having no comments is also fine by me.

but yay for you!
really appreciate your visits.

of paper & thread said...

oh i love these cushions! they are really gorgeous!

mizu designs said...

see it's not just me in here :) and no, i never ever feel obliged to write something. your work just keeps singin' out for comments!

yellow monday said...

antlers are nice, and these cushions are gorgeous!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I love those! My favourite is the top one.

I'm glad we found each other's blogs!

i n a l u x e said...

I really love your elk cushions Carmel. I think (along with your tree, one of which I now have! :)) they are my favourite. :)