Saturday, August 4, 2007

to market, to market

it was freezing yesterday at paddo market, the weak sunshine was no match for icy winds. my tiny stall looks a little different every week, sometimes i think i love playing with the display more than making the products. used to have a table double this size and a big canopy but that got too expensive to keep up so i downsized and the display went vertical. it's a work in progress.

my stall is usually somewhere around the church, referred to as the platinum zone. ooh errr. i love the vibe in the platinum zone and some of the other designers and artists around me. Kristina Brenke is a jewellery maker. i couldn't begin to write words that would justify the work she does, you need to visit her stall to see her stunning jewellery for yourself.

i'm not a big wearer of jewellery but i have one of her simple, elegant silver rings that i wear always, that i just love.

wow, what a ring. looking at it so big and beautiful like this... i'm in love with it even more.


mizu designs said...

Love that ring!

yellow monday said...

Your blog looks great! And the market stall looks gorgeous - so colourful and happy.
I'll stop by for a look next week.

feedthedog said...

hey kylie,
thanks for the visit. it's a great ring isn't it? her other jewellery is so different, hoping she's going to get a website or blog up soon so I can redirect people to her. Plus, she's just one of the nicest people i've met in a long while.

Marissa Fischer said...

That market looks so fun. And I love the ring (I'm not much of a jewelry girl either).