Saturday, July 28, 2007

no real dogs here

there's someone in my family (hello scott) who thinks that all i do with my time is design and redesign my business card. soooo not true. in the nearly five years of being registered as a business i've only changed my business card design maybe 8 or 9 times. it started with the regular size and this spotty dog, which began life as one of my papier mache candle holders, back in my papier mache phase ..

then i decided to downsize vertically and dump the dog image. an acquaitance showed me photo of herself as a kid in a gigantic hat.. loved the image .. played with it in photoshop .. my new business card was born.

with the hat LOOK i loved the idea that the viewer had to imagine the dog at the end of the lead. but then i started designing and making products other than hats, as was always the intention, so the cute little girl in the hat had to go. i think the next LOOK was the square format with words only on the front and a sheep on the back. yep, still wasn't keen on the dog image idea so i thought, what about a sheep, might disturb and confuse people, that appealed for some reason. so i went with the sheep.
the sheep version was the only one i had made professionally into business cards, all the others, including my current ones, are printed out and hand cut and pasted up by me. madness. must stop that soon. the reaction to the sheep was generally very positive. but i got bored with that LOOK and decided it was time to go all out DOG ..

okay, so i lied, that white poodle is a REAL dog, it's bobby, my niece's very bouncy dog. handcutting this got a bit tedious and i thought it was too long for a business card. so bobby got shortened, chopped at the waist. and i turned him into a cartoon.

still not happy. decided to go back to the longer version and this time make it double as a bookmark.

mmmm... a little OTT. yearning for clean lines, simplicity. so back to photoshop.
and this is my current business card .. tiny, tiny little thing.. available in three colours.

i'm happy now.. for a while.


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Love your business card, and the evolution is fascinating!

cubistcow said...

thanks helen! you're my first ever blog commenter! have left out so many other versions of my ever-evolving business card, didn't include them all for fear of boring myself senseless (let alone any other stray person who might stumble upon this blog). But i might add in at least one other that was very different..

mizu designs said...

I also loved your business card story Carmel! And great designs too.

feedthedog said...

thanks kylie .. i am a little obsessed i suppose...